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Friday, 7 February 2014

Who's a Guest Designer for March, April AND May 2014? This gal!

Okay, so you know how you sometimes know you should try something, but you don't because that something can result in rejection? Well, I didn't let that fear of rejection get in the way of me applying to be on the Scraps of Color Creative Team for 2014. :)

While I don't have a permanent spot on the team, I *DO* have a guest team spot for March, April AND May of this year!

I'm super duper stoked for this and I hope I make you all proud as a creative member for Scraps of Color! I plan to bring my A-game and hope I can inspire others even if it's just in the smallest way!

As I post to the Scraps of Color blog and my own, I will link to each post in this blog post over there AND over here all over the place. LOL

Links to the creations on the Scraps of Color blog:

March 2014: LINK TBD
April 2014: LINK TBD
May 2014: LINK TBD

Links to the creations on my blog:

March 2014: LINK TBD
April 2014: LINK TBD
May 2014: LINK TBD

You will not miss my projects provided you're anywhere on the blog from this day forward. :D

Of course, not being a permanent member of the team, we should really congratulate those who ARE permanent members of the team since we'll be getting a boatload of inspiration from them throughout the year!!!

Emonieiesha Varnado
Deirdre Smith
Shalana Glass
Kelli Fortier
Kimberly Bolden

In addition to the selected creative team members for 2014, there is also another guest team member who also needs a high five!

Szetorri Porter

What an amazing team I get to be a part of, even if only for a few months! I'm so freakin' lucky!! :D

Stick around for a pretty awesome set of projects if I do say so myself!

Krafty Kerry signing off!


  1. Hi Kerry! This is your scrappin' sistah Kimberly, from Scraps of Color and I am too excited that you will be guest designing! I'm glad you pushed your fear of rejection to the side and took a chance! Can't wait to see what inspiration you have to share with us ♥

  2. Hey Girlfriend! I will be designing with you...let's bring it!! Inspiration for all!