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Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I posted... Over 2 months to be exact.

How about we make this year a bit better than last year?  What do you say? :)

While I have some time on my hands, let me tell you about all the crafty and perhaps not so crafty things I'm up to in 20134! (You have no idea how many times I've already seen people write 2013 when really it's 2014).

Gotta love a new year!

First off, I'm part of a bunch of swaps.... Like, a lot. I decided that not only will I create more, but I will try to show more of what I make so that you can all see what I'm doing and not just what I'm buying. LOL
Some of them include a couple altered spool swaps
Some stick pin swaps
Some Valentines Day swaps :)

I also started an 8x8 PL album for 2014 before the holidays came about, and will try to show what I do in it over the course of the year by uploading photos of my PL spreads.

My boyfriend is in the process of moving in has moved in and the house is in a bit of a disaster, however that's what happens when two people merge lives I guess.  I'm somewhat happy it officially "begins" at the start of a new year so I can have a more positive outlook on it - You know, the whole new year, new take on life thing.

Because we've merged lives, OUR (it's so hard to get used to "our" when it's been mine for so long) hobby room is FULL and it's become super hard to find a place for everything. Super. Hard. Nonetheless I've been creating to try and bring my stash under control and have stopped buying as much... Except for a few things from winter CHA. I'm only human after all. :P

Okay, so here, I leave you with the first altered spool of the month that I've completed and plan to mail out today. :)

Turned out far better than I could have anticipated! if you have any questions about it, please let me know and I'll go into more detail about it! :)

This is what I consider the 'back' of the spool

This is the 'main' view for the spool

This is the top of the spool! :D

Krafty Kerry signing off!


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