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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!

I hope everyone has a properous and creative new year, whatever your level of creativity is at the moment!

On to some exciting news...

After my "hard labour" at the end of last week creating submissions for the ScrapMuch? Sketch-y Friday layout challenges, I am proud to announce that I was named the December 2012 winner!! :D

(I kid you not - The proof is right here!!)

I should also mention, that I'm currently on a crafty supply spending freeze which means more challenge entries and more projects coming to you in 2013!!
(This doesn't include things I *need* such as adhesives and other basics like that).

Alright-y then, time to continue on another project I'm working on! I'm sick, so this is definitely a good day to do that as the bf plays Xbox360. :)

You guys rock, and I appreciate all your support!!

Krafty Kerry signing off!


  1. CONGRATS to you on winning! Hope you feel better soon! Happy New Year and hugs! Sunni