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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Blog Hop (CLOSED) - You made it all the way here!!

The winners have been posted!!

Head on over to to check to see if you've won!

And just in case you might be wondering, 1st place winner came from this very blog!!!
Better hurry on over there to see if that winner is YOU!!!

Thanks for participating!

Hope to see you at the next hop. :)

Looks like you're on a mission to get through these blogs right?
Hope you've had fun so far!!

Did you remember to leave a comment on the last blog????
Don't forget to do that since that's how you get a chance to win some neat swag!

No one except Crystal knows where the goodies are hidden!!  What if it's this blog?! You may want to leave a comment here as well, just in case. *wink*

Here are the details of the blog hop from Crystal's blog:

Starting Thursday Nov 8th-Sunday 11th
all you need to do is follow the blogs and leave a comment on there page for a chance to win!
You have to visit every blog on the hop as no one but me knows what blog the prizes are on.
3rd prize is a mixed bag of vintage lace and trims
2nd prize is my featured kit
1st prize is a Websters pages bundle

What am I thankful for?
Where, oh where do I start?!
As you may very well see, this an active blog in the making - I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to share it with you! Not only that, but I'm thankful that, even with the limited amount of experience I have within the crafting communities both online and in real like, people are so welcoming! I have met more than my share of wonderful people through this paper crafting hobby that we all share and I'm truly happy to be able to say I know such wonderful people!! 
I was very much a paper crafting loner when I had no idea where I could go to take part in my hobby without people looking at me funny. Communities similar to Scrapinvintage and the whole YouTube crafting family has made my entry into this realm so enjoyable, and I have only set more crafty goals for myself based on what I've seen and experienced!


Okay, so that's enough rambling from me!
On to the next stop:

Krafty Kerry signing off!


  1. This is so much fun. I would have not seen some of these blogs if I were not participating in this. Wow! Some of them are really neat. I think I need to step mine up a notch! LOL. Thank you everyone! This is all certainly a gift! Hugs, Jane

  2. Hello Kerry, this blog hop is so much fun its like a treasure hunt LOL. Im so looking forward to seeing more of you work on here. Im so thankful i found scrapinvintage xxxx Maxine K

  3. What an awesome experience this Blog Hop is!!! I never really took the time to take a look at people's blogs before but all the wonderful projects I've gotten to see make me realize I've been missing out! Great job Kerry on your site and your beautful work!!!

  4. New subbie coming your way from the blog hop....I look forward to your creations

  5. Hi Kerry, you are soo right. The crafting community is wonderful and welcoming. With the help of YouTube and ning sites, I have definitely been able to meet some great people and get tons of inspiration. Will be coming back to your blog to see your beautiful creations. Do you have a follow by email button or a followers button?

    1. I do now!! Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! Clearly a blog newb, I am!

      And this is what I mean by the community is so wonderfully awesome at helping out.

      Thanks again for letting me know about that! :D

      Krafty Kerry signing off!

  6. I just subscribed! So nice to do a hop and find new crafters!

  7. Thanks for sharing and welcome to this crafting world. I too have only been doing this for the last 3 years and I just love and all the people. I just subscribed

  8. So glad that you are a part of our community. Welcome!

  9. My husband and I moved to Germany from the US last year. I had just started getting into paper crafts when we left. I have the fun of feeling alone in a strange new country and feeling alone in my craft. So I also am thankful for these sites. I am having fun - even if it is really hard to find any supplies!

  10. Kerry, I love the way you set your blog up thanks so much for that! I love all the wonderful comments and how well us crafters can help one another out Rock on ladies loving the hop and all the thankful for's
    Hugs Crystal

  11. Just subscribed. I love to get inspired by others work