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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

First project on display!

So I FINALLY took some photos of one of my most recent projects.

It was a simple wooden purse box thing with a matching mini album inside of it with a winter theme.

I try very hard not to specifically classify my items to a holiday, but instead to a season. This way, those who don't celebrate certain holidays, can still enjoy the items. :)

And without further delay, here come the photos!
NOTE: I do not know why Blogger/Picasa refuses to use rotated version of the pics, even though they are rotated in my album.  If this changes, I will remove this disclaimer from the post.  For now, I must apologize for the fact that you may have to rotate your head 90 degrees to see a couple of the pics properly.

The album in the wooden purse box thing

The album sitting on top of the purse box thing

The box on its own

The very front of the mini album

First 'spread' of the mini album - The front page lifts up to expose these two pockets, each with their own tag

Middle 'spread' of the mini album - There's a massive tag in that pocket on the right

A very blurry picture of the last 'spread' of the mini album

The back of the mini album

They make a pretty cute pair ^_^

I plan on uploading a video about this pair to YouTube as well. Once that's all done, I'll post the video on this post as well!
I uploaded a video with more detail on this set!

Krafty Kerry signing off!


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