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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sneak Peek of some of the new Prima products at CHA 2013

Okay, so I'm aware that I said I would be done for tonight - And for the most part I am...

Except that I have to let you guys know that Prima has let some of the cat out of the bag by letting us in on some new products they're lauching at CHA 2013!

The thing I'm most interested in is (so far): the Engraver collection!

How many times have you been looking for a manly collection for a manly layout of album or canvas piece and ended up stuck?!  This collection practically assembles all the pieces for you to create your own manly type of layout, album or altered piece!


Now I just have to sit on my hands while I wait for it to be available to the public! That should be fun... Not!

Krafty Kerry signing off!

ScrapMuch? Sketch Challenge, Entry #4 (Last Entry)

{{ Yawn }}

Well, even though I'm on a roll, I thought I'd end tonight with a final entry into the ScrapMuch? December's Sketch-y Friday layout challenge.

Here it is folks... Get ready for it... A double page layout!! :D

That brings my evening of entries to an end.  Thanks for sticking around!

Oh ya! Forgot to add - Layout process vid coming soon!

Krafty Kerry signing off!

Friday, 28 December 2012

ScrapMuch? Sketch Challenge, Entry #3

Guess who's on a roll tonight?!  THIS GIRL!

Awww yeah!

So I churned out a 3rd layout for a 3rd entry into Sketchy Friday for the month of December!

Also missing lots of lettering on the bottom since I don't know whose names are going to be on it yet! LOL
Not much I can do about that unfortunately. :(

Process video for this will be uploaded shortly as well as the others. Will be a fun night of uploads!

Krafty Kerry signing off!

ScrapMuch? Sketch Challenge, Entry #2

Well, well, well!

Another post for the night!
Likely because no one is bugging me, the house is mostly clean and I have so much to get done craft-wise that I'm now stealing the time from myself to do so. LOL

Alright-y, here is entry #2 for the ScrapMuch? layout challenge for December!

A process video for the layout above will be coming once I have some silence to do the recording. :P

Krafty Kerry signing off!

ScrapMuch? Sketch Challenge Entry #1

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!

Personally I've been so busy!  In fact, I've been so busy that I didn't get to finish the ScrapMuch? Colour Challenge that I posted about earlier this month!
Let's all shed a fake tear for the paper that was purchased for this challenge that will now have a slight delay in being used. :P
Great! Now that we're over that - Let's move ahead shall we?!

I figured, since I didn't make it in time to finish the colour challenge, I would work hard to make it in for the scrapbook layout sketch challenge!
I don't tend to do many layouts since I have so few photos, but I decided to set myself up with a homemade "kit" and get to work!

I'm currently building a custom scrapbook for a bridal shoppe to display their brides in so that their customers can see what other brides looked like in other dresses!  Sooo, I decided to use this opportunity to build some scrapbook pages for their book! :)

Below is the first of at least two sketches I'm entering for the challenge this month!

Simple, yet effective! I have adhesive letters I'll be adding once I know the name of the couple whose photo will be posted there. :)

A process video has been recorded, and will be uploaded soon-ish. ;)

Krafty Kerry signing off!
Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Prima Romance Novel Altered Box and Matching Mini Album

Hey everyone!

Long time no blog! Still busy with family health stuff, but that seems to be cooling down.

I've essentially been the only driver/errand runner/bill payer of the house since mid November, so it was kind of crazy... But I think I have things mostly figured out now..  It's crazy how much we can handle without realizing it!

ANYWAY, on to the fun stuff!!

I've uploaded some photos of my altered box and mini album made with the Prima Romance Novel collection. I've also uploaded a video to YouTube, which I'll link to below. :)

Here come the photos!!

Yay for photos!!!  I hope you enjoy them!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions at all!!

The video for the album, in case you haven't yet seen it is here:


Krafty Kerry signing off!
Thursday, 6 December 2012

Challenge Progress!

Well well well!

Guess what I found at my local Winners store today?! 
For those of you who don't know what Winners is, it's a store similar to TJ Maxx, Homesense, Marshalls... They're all in the same family.

My Mind's Eye 12 Days of Christmas matches the challenge colours to a T, do they not??

Challenge Colours: 

My Mind's Eye 12 Days of Christmas collection:
(better photo coming shortly)

It's almost as if the challenge is based off of this paper!! Seriously!

Okay.. Time to get to work on .. Well, whatever it is I'm going to work on with this paper collection! 

I actually have a few die cuts from this collection already, so the ones that come with the paper collection, I'll consider 'extra'.

Time to scout the interwebs for inspiration!! :D

Krafty Kerry signing off!
Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I accept your challenge!

Hi everyone!!

I received news of a colour challenge (which I've never tried doing before) from the ScrapMuch? blog.

The colours are as follows:
Leaf Green

I don't even know what I'm going to do for this challenge yet as no idea jumps to mind. What I do know, is that I think I may try to build a kit as I peruse my scrap room so that I can have some stuff to use in a couple weekends once I actually get down to working on the challenge. :)

I'm printed a blown up version of these colours so that I can tape it to my craft room wall so I don't forget about the challenge, nor do I forget to start collecting things to put together that may work together with this colour challenge!

How do you decide what you're going to use for a challenge/layout/project? Do you think about the project you're going to be working on and then hope to find the products that match? Or do you assemble a few products and hope a project jumps into your mind that will suit the products you've assembled? :)

Krafty Kerry signing off!
Thursday, 29 November 2012

Graphic 45 tropical travelogue project Part 2 (Gatefold Album)

Okay, so here it is, the second part to the two parts of the tropical travelogue projects I've been working on.

This is a a gatefold album that is 8.5" x 8.5" and made from black cardstock. I started with a base page, but it quickly expanded to be a few layers of folds.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! The video will be uploaded soon so you can get a detailed view into what it looks like!! :)

Krafty Kerry signing off!