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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Long Time No See, Welcome to my August Prima PPP Entry! (Lots of Pics!)

A quick hello and a grateful thank you for dropping by to check out my entry into this month's Prima Product Picks Challenge.

The inspiration board that was posted on the Prima blog was:

My finished project based on the inspiration board looks like this:

While I did post some sneak peeks along the way on Instagram, like these:

Instagram Sneak Peek #1
Instagram Sneak Peek #2
Instagram Sneak Peek #3

Here is a summary tutorial with more detail on what I used and how it all came together. :)

  • Creative Embellishments chipboard pieces
  • Other chipboard pieces (unknown source)
  • Golden Arts Light Molding Paste
  • Golden Arts Seed Bead Gel
  • "Generic" brand white gesso
  1. Cut apart and glue down chipboard pieces to canvas
  2. Paint with a couple coats of gesso
  3. Stipple on molding paste to create small peaks
  4. Add seed bead gel as desired
  5. Paint with another couple coats of gesso

  • Prima Finnabair stencil
  • Prima color bloom sprays
  • Liquitex Modelling Paste (not pictured)
  • Many other sprays, at least 3 others (not pictured)
  1. Use modelling paste with the stencil to create more
    background texture
  2. Spray with shimmery colour sprays until desired
    colouring is achieved. :)

  • Prima floral vine
  • Prima large flower
  • Prima small flowers
  • Liquitex clear gesso (not pictured)
    - Get it? It's clear gesso. :P
  • Other random flowers (source unknown)
  • Stickles (not pictured)
  • Wooden polaroid frame (source unknown)
  • Lettering (multiple sources)
  1. Add Prima vine
  2. Add Prima large flower
  3. Add Prima small flowers
  4. Add chipboard pieces to the back of the wooden
    polaroid frame to add dimension
  5. Use clear gesso on polaroid frame
  6. Use all the same sprays and stickles on the frame
  7. Adhere frame to the canvas :)
  8. Add lettering as desired
  9. Add all the other embellishments your heart desires
No filter - This is genuinely how bright the canvas is while hanging on my fence. :)
I clustered my flowers along the side of the canvas as well. :)
A close-up of the cluster
A close-up of the frame area

More photos because I love this project and felt a different background could help some people, maybe? :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! :)

Thanks so very much for stopping by!!!

Krafty Kerry signing off!
Monday, 29 June 2015

Not Craft Related, but Puppy Related!!

This is a somewhat important post...

I say somewhat, as my newest household menagerie addition, Jackson aka Jax, is now 6 months old as of June 27th, 2015.

Might not be a big deal to some, but to me it's a huge deal. Especially considering I never thought I would ever have a dog. Ever.

At 6 months old, he weighs in at just around 80 lbs. He stands a little over 2 feet tall at his head, and he's the biggest suck in the history of velcro lap dogs! LOL

For those who are unsure and wondering, well, what breed is he?  His previous owners (of a few weeks) mentioned that he's a St. Bernard and Mastiff cross breed. Also known as a St. Bermastiff. :)
I think they mentioned he also has Rottweiler in him, but other than his jowls not getting super droopy, there's little in terms of shape/size/traits to indicate any instance of Rottweiler.

I *do* have a DNA kit for him and hope to be able to send it in on his behalf one day soon. I was hoping to have it done by his 6th month birthday, but that didn't quite work out as planned.

Just some photos to share with my blog reading audience, because: Eye Candy. :D

How can one dog have so much cuteness built into him, I don't even know!!! LOL

Thanks everyone for dropping by. :)

Krafty Kerry signing off!

Altered Cake Stacked Boxes

As a Youtube addict affectionado, I'm on there at least once a day - Even if it's just to "pretend" I'm watching something as I fall asleep. LOL

The other day, this video showed up in my feed... Not sure if it was on my homepage or actual feed, but regardless, I watched it, mesmerized with the beauty that came together.

While I don't have nearly as much floral embellishment variety, I did use what I had from my Prima Princess collection hoard stash and came up with my own take on the same thing. :)

I feel like my boxes were smaller than the ones used in the video - I also recorded some parts as I was working on it, so that should be up soon, but just thought I'd share the photos of the finished product since I just took them yesterday. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Krafty Kerry signing off!